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Hadeel has a network of Local Reps who arrange events and furnish stalls in areas in England, Scotland and Wales.  There may be a Local Rep in your area  from whom you can purchase some products or order.  Local Reps can now become a customer on line, then place an order and receive normal terms and conditions.

If you are interested in joining our team of Local Reps please contact info@hadeel.org

Organizing an event and like a Hadeel stall? Contact one of our Local Reps (see below) or our Edinburgh shop info@hadeel.org



Berkshire - Rita Gardner - ritaireneuk@yahoo.com

Bucks - Clare Booth - clarebooth9@gmail.com

Dundee - Mike Whitehead - mike@mikewhitehead.org

Durham - Belinda Burke - belindalburke@aol.com

Durham - Helen Attewell - helen.attewell@tiscali.co.uk

Edinburgh - Sarah Tolley - sarah.tolley@btopenworld.com

Hampshire - Jill Hurley - foaa@hurley.greenbee.net

Inverness- Alison Pyott -  alisonpyott@btinternet.com

Leeds - Anne and Barry Parker - annebarryprkr@btinternet.com

London - Caroline Sterling - sterling.caroline42@gmail.com

London - Aileen Garden - aileengarden1@gmail.com

Milton Keynes - Win Kennedy - wkennedy@btinternet.com

Nottingham - Sylvia Salmon - ian.sylvia@salmon2.co.uk

Oban and Islay, Argyll - Sophie Hamilton - sophiejanehamilton@hotmail.com

Swansea - April Beynon - aprilbeynon@hotmail.co.uk
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