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We welcome Hind Khoury, General Secretary of Kairos Palestine
Tuesday 1 November, 7.30-9 pm at Café Camino, By St Mary’s Cathedral, 1 Little King Street, Edinburgh EH1 3JR

About Kairos Palestine

 In 2009 Christian Leaders came together and produced the Kairos document which advocates for ending the Israeli occupation and achieving a just solution to the conflict. l Kairos Palestine is the movement that arose from that document.  The
Kairos Document, the British response, Time for Action and newest publication "Its about Time", by Warren Bardsley, are all available from Hadeel.

About Hind Khoury

Hind joined Kairos Palestine in 2015.  Previously she was  Palestinian ambassador to France, and through positions in the United Nations and Palestinian National Authority she has proved her dedication and commitment to Palestine, justice, freedom and peace. She has also served as a board member of Sabeel-Jerusalem, and the Bethlehem Bible college.          

Sindyanna News

Photo Credit: Sindyanna of Galilee

Congratulations to Sindyanna of Galilee (Group 82) who have  once again been certified as compliant with the global standards for Fair Trade Organisations by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).  Sindyanna is run entirely by women and aims to advance the Arab economy, especially income for women, in Israel.  Our popular soap is cleaned, packed and exported by Sindyanna.
They celebrated World Fair Trade Day at their visitor centre with a basket weaving workshop and giving visitors a presentation about Fair Trade.

Photo Credit- cover image from Edinburgh University Press, Event Photographs,Sarah Burns

Being Palestinian is a collection of personal reflections on Palestinian identity in the diaspora in the English-speaking world.  Contributions from 102 Palestinians have been edited by Yasir Suleiman, Chair of Modern Arabic Studies and Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. We were fortunate to welcome Professor Suleiman, along with some of the Scottish contributors Mohammed Issa, Dr Bashier Oudeh, Dr Ishaq Abu-Arafeh,for a lively and informative discussion about the book.
The book cover is a picture of the editor’s son, dressed in a kilt and facing a constructed image of Jerusalem on the left and Edinburgh on the right, representing the “refracted identity” of the contributors from the West, who, despite their comfortable academic life, have to straddle two or more identities - Palestinian on the one hand and British, American or Canadian on the other.
The older generation of 1948 describe the diaspora as “exile” (shatat in Arabic) as they expect to return to the homeland.  The second or third generation talk more readily of “diaspora” because, being born in the West, they do not have the same feeling of being Palestinian in the physical sense.  This, however, does not dilute their Palestinian-ness and many talk of being Palestinian as increasing their commitment to seeking justice in a wider sense.
In prose or poetry, some contributors describe their Palestinian identity in terms of their memories, or those of their parents or grandparents.  Others talk of their Palestine as a collection of ideas or feelings:  the sea, the fruit trees, za’atar (thyme), olive oil, dabke (dance), food, aromas and relationships with families.
The strength of the book lies mainly in the large number of contributors, covering three generations, and dived equally amongst Christians and Muslims, with pieces from Druze and Bahai Palestinians.  The breadth and depth of their collective experience of exile bring insights into their lives that have rarely been covered in previous books.   If there is a weakness, it is that, perhaps understandably, almost all of the contributors are drawn from the world of academia; the reflections of Palestinians from other walks of life would also have been of interest.
This is a well-written book which will be of interest to non-Palestinians who wish to understand more about the complex emotions felt by Palestinians living in the English-speaking world .

 Maha Campbell
“Being Palestinian” £16.99 Published in paperback by Edinburgh University Press in 2016.  
Royalties from the book will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP.)

At the recent Scottish Fair Trade Forum  (SFTF) AGM and Campaigner conference, held at Caledonian University, Glasgow  the Hadeel stall was staffed by Margaret Mackay and Kathleen Summers, together with Carol.  Dr. Alasdair Allan, the Scottish Government’s Minister for International Development and Europe admired our stall  and commended Hadeel for having such a variety of goods from Palestinian sources, since it is so difficult for Palestinians to export anything.  The SFTF is in the process of renewing its Fair Trade Nation status. It was a great opportunity to meet old friends, renew acquaintances as well as meet new people interested in the work we do!
Photo Credit: Scottish Fair Trade Forum
Candles from Oasis

Photo:  Oasis Candles in Multi colour

With autumn finally here we have some lovely new home products in stock with more new items sourced from our trip
We have these colourful
candles from the Oasis Workshop for Special Needs now in blue, silver glitter, gold glitter and red glitter. Also back in stock are the candles with flower petals and a selection of Christmas candles.   We visited the workshop on our trip and they were struggling for orders and inspiration so it is great to get these new products in the shop!


Acting Alone

a one woman play by Ava Hunt and Tilly Branson
This powerful play performed by Ava Hunt, an actor, director, producer and educator based in Derbyshire, ran for five nights as part of the Edinburgh Just Festival. It was inspired by Hunt's trip to Palestinian refugee camps in 2015 to carry out research for another show. The play does not provide detailed information about the current situation in Palestine, although there are descriptions of low-flying surveillance planes hovering over Bedouin camps and Palestinian famers denied access to water for their goats while a nearby illegal settlement enjoys unlimited supplies.  Nor does Hunt offer in-depth analysis of the issues, although she does identify the root cause of the conflict as the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Thus, a fair amount of pre-knowledge among the audience is assumed. 
The performance presents a series of short stories, some directly related to Palestine, others making more general points about conflict, risk, courage and understanding. For example, Hunt briefly acts the part of Rachel Corrie, the young American killed by a bulldozer while trying to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes, and also Irena Sendler, a Catholic social worker who successfully smuggled over 2500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto.  Hunt also reflects on parallels between the actor and the activist roles, including anxieties about the effectiveness of their actions and fear of not coming up with the 'right' answers.  Indeed, the main themes of the play remain (deliberately) unanswered questions: Is it naive to get involved in 'other people's' conflicts -or an ethical imperative? If we choose activism, what form should it take? What risks are/should we be prepared to take? How do we overcome the fear that comes with putting one's liberty, or indeed life on the line? In short, a show well worth seeing - and reflecting on.
Report by Kirsten Stalker


APRIL 2016


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Palcrafts Hadeel Study Tour 2016

Photo: Mohammed Al Ruzzi,  Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA), Jenin (credit Sarah Burns)

4-15 APRIL 2016

For many shops visiting their suppliers is simply a case of getting on a train and going to Earls Court or Olympia where they will gather and show off their products.  Not so for Hadeel Palcrafts!  Even before we reached our first visit we had passed through several military checkpoints and taken several enforced detours! 

A group of eleven staff and volunteers visited many of Hadeel's suppliers in the West Bank and the Negev.   At times uplifting as we visited Ma'an L'il Hayat who have new airy premises where we saw the felt nativities we sell being made and we danced in the breakfast break with the workers!   Canaan Fair Trade (who process & bottle olive oil for Zaytoun) which has a wonderful factory in Jenin. Theirs is a successful enterprise producing high quality Organic Oil and exporting to many different countries. They are encouraging more farmers to join and offer prices above the market and guarantee to take their product year on year. It is very heartening to see work like that being done amidst constant restrictions.Often the farmers have been cut off from their land , and have to apply for permits to go to do the care and harvesting.

On the other hand we visited Oasis Workshop for People with Special Needs who are struggling . They operate out of a very small building with limited funding and space the workers  make candles, recycled paper, and then decorate cards with pictures done in coloured sands but they find it difficult to get their goods marketed and Hadeel is one of the few outlets for their work.

These contrasts were again highlighted in our visits to some of the groups that supply embroidery to Hadeel.
Idna Ladies Association,  who have the help of a Japanese designer, are constantly updating their products offering new colors and trying to expand their business.  However things were not as positive when we visited Surif Women's Cooperative.  The proximity of the separation barrier and the difficulties in every day life that the workers endure has meant that despite making high quality products they are struggling  to develop new styles and communication links with the outside world.

On the trip we also had the opportunity to visit one of our more recent suppliers Ahdaf.  A small family run business, that makes the popular stained glass items including the peace doves, was started by Mervat after her husband became too ill to work.  Now supporting her family she still gives a proportion of the profits to St Martha's, a day centre for widows.  Accompanied by Shirabe, director of Sunbula, we also visited two of the refugee camps and a couple of  women's empowerment and income generation projects being run in them and we hope to bring you more information and products from these in the coming months.

Even a short time there makes us really appreciate how deeply fortunate we are to live in a country free of blocks and barriers where we have water and power on tap.  Everywhere we were met with incredible hospitality and kindness. The spirit and resilience is astounding and we look foward to telling you more about all the groups we visited and showing the new products that we have found!

Beit Doqu Development Society
This non-profit organisation was set up in 1987.  It aims to serve the local community through a variety of different programmes, including running a nursery and food processing plant.
A well- organised and motivated community that managed to protest peacefully against the route of the separation barrier so that it now skirts the village rather than passing straight through it.
With the assistance of Sunbula an income generation project was set up in 2010 to provide opportunities for young women from the village.  Sunbula funded a workshop and training in beading technique and metal work.  The jewellery subsequently made is modern but harks back to traditional styles of the region.
We visited the project as part of our study tour and were able to see the workshop and items being made.

                                                                Brass Pomegranate & Dress


As part of their trip to the UK for Fair Trade Fortnight organised by Zaytoun we welcomed Mohammed Hamada and Taysir Arbasi on Thursday 3 March.  At the well attended meeting Mohammed Hamada talked of his livelihood as an olive farmer and how being involved with the Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA) has made a difference to him and his community.  With the Fair Trade Premium they have paid for improvements to the local school.  He explained that PFTA is also working on marketing to increase the amount of olive oil sold and allow more farmers to join the PFTA and enjoy the benefits that it brings.
Taysir Arbasi regional director of Zaytoun, spoke powerfully about the current political situation and his fears as a father.  Both Mohammed and Taysir thanked Scotland for their warm welcome and the support that they feel comes from the Scottish people.  The evening concluded with the opportunity to try some of the olive oil!
New deliveries have recently come from Gaza from both Atfaluna (Group 17) and Sulafa (Group 10), including these new fish ornaments
We also have the popular double zip purses back in stock from Palestinian Embroidery Workshop (Group 66).
Also expected is a new order from Idna Ladies Association (Group 36) which will include some new bags that will be perfect for Spring into Summer...watch out for news of new deliveries on our Facebook Page.
New stocks of Ramadan Dates are arriving!
These large grade 2 dates are available for a limited time- please reserve early to avoid disappointment!
The dates are available in 1kg boxes- £12 (usual price £14) and 5kg box £46 (usual price £50)
Order on line or phone 0131 225 1922
As an added bonus for every box of 5kg dates sold Zaytoun will donate £1 to Palcrafts project with Atfaluna (Group 17)
We report with much regret that Freda Alexander, who was one of the first Hadeel/Palcrafts volunteers and who gave so much of her time and energy in the early days of the charity, died recently.
Her Memorial Service, to which all friends are warmly invited, will take place at St John’s Church in Princes Street, Edinburgh at 11am on Saturday April 30th.
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Visit of Laila El-Haddad 

This weekend we welcome Laila El-Haddad, a Palestinian author, activist, and public speaker.  She is a key voice for understanding the situation in Gaza.  

She is the author of Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between and co-author of the critically acclaimed The Gaza Kitchen: A Palestinian Culinary Journey.  Most recently, she co-edited Gaza Unsilenced, a collection of essays, poems, and photographs about the 2014 assault on Gaza .
Through her work as a journalist, documentary maker and media activist, she provides rare insight into the human experience of the region. From 2003-2007, El-Haddad was the Gaza correspondent for the Al Jazeera English website and a regular contributor to the BBC World Service.  During this time, she co-directed two Gaza-based documentaries, including the award-winning film Tunnel Trade.

She has been published in numerous publications including the Washington Post and has appeared on CNN, and Al Jazeera.
She was recently featured  in Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Episode "Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza" as his guide in the Gaza Strip.   

Please check the diary below for the timings of the events across the weekend.

Copies of all 3 of Laila's books will be available at a special price at the events and in the shop over the weekend.

Gaza Mom:           £13.50
Gaza Unsilenced:  £12.50

Gaza Kitchen:  HB     £26
                       PB     £20


Ceiliúr an Choilm Opening in Belfast
A new social enterprise is opening in Belfast on Monday October 12th-Ceiliúr an Choilm, 208 Bóthar na bhFál,
Béal Feirste, BT12 6AH.  There will be Palestinian produce on sale at the heart of Belfast's Gaeltacht Quarter.  

The social enterprise provides opportunities to  young Irish speakers to developing their own skills whilst helping Palestinian artisans.

Pictured is  Conáill ó Corra youngest director of Ceiliur an Choilm posing in front of one of their stacked shelves.

Is it to early to mention Christmas?
We have a great selection of gift baskets for all you foodies- from a tasting selection with all our favourites, to a salad lovers’ basket, or a basket to breakfast like a king!
Of course we can make bespoke baskets with your favourite Hadeel products in. Just get in touch by email, phone or drop into the shop!

We also have a fantastic selection of Christmas decorations and experts on and to help with all your present buying needs!
Palcrafts maintains a small resources centre at Hadeel, with books and publications, and a few CDs or DVDs  The latest is a new report from B’tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, which has been produced with the assistance of the European Union.  It’s called Presumed Guilty:  Remand in Custody by Military Courts in the West Bank, June 2015.
Part of the Conclusions are, To all intents and purposes, the Israeli military court appears to be a court like any other.  There are prosecutors and defense attorneys.  There are rules of procedure, laws and regulations.  There are judges who hand down rulings and verdicts couched in reasoned legal language.  Nonetheless this facade of propriety masks one of the most injurious apparatuses of the occupation.  
It’s easy to borrow materials - drop by and see the books and other offerings to borrow



Visit of Laila El-Haddad
  • Saturday 10th
    • Cookery Demonstration & Talk, 10.30-11.30 The Original Mosque Kitchen, Edinburgh
    •   Talk on Gaza Unsilenced, 3-5pm, St Augustine's Episcopal Church, Dumbarton
  •  Sunday 11th  Talk on Gaza Unsilenced and Book signing, 2-4pm, Hadeel, 123 George St, Edinburgh
Saturday 24th  Love Culture Hate Racism, St Peter's Hall, 12 - 4pm, Edinburgh
Saturday 24th Investing in Peace, 10.30am - 12.30pm, Selkirk United Reform Church, Selkirk
Wedneday 28th  ESEN Social in the Street, RBS Gogarburn, Edinburgh
Saturday 31st  South Queensferry Global Bazaar
Mon, Tues 2, 3  STUC Women's Conference, Caird Hall, Dundee

Fri, 6 Befriending Conference, St Paul's & St Georges, York Place, Edinburgh
Mon, Tues 9, 10  Gift of Sight, Chelsea Town Hall, London
Saturday 14th  Medical Aid for Palestinians, Annual Fundraising Day, Christ Church, Holy Corner, Edinburgh
Sunday 22nd  Light Night, Edinburgh's Christmas Lights, Hadeel , Edinburgh
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Finally some positive news from Gaza!  We’re hoping to have a delivery from Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children very soon.
If you have had your eye on anything we have in stock, now may be the time to buy it as the scarcity of materials in Gaza means that for our newest deliveries there will be price rises!
Atfaluna receives the Welfare Association Prize for the Gaza Strip.
Rawya Shawa, Independent Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC)  with  Professor Kamalain Shaath, Member of the Welfare Association General Assembly (right), and Atfaluna’s Chairman of the Board, Mr Sharhabeel Al’Zaeem (middle)

Atfaluna have also just won “Welfare Association Prize for the Gaza Stripfor the year 2014. The prize was awarded to honour the organization’s role in serving the Gazan deaf community and offering sustainable development services to them.  The Welfare Association Awards were introduced in the year 2003 by members of their board of trustees who took the initiative to award funding bodies, individuals and organizations who work hard to make a difference in the Palestinian community.  The annual award encourages Palestinian individuals as well as organizations to work hard in an innovative way to serve the Palestinian community.
It is well deserved recognition of the hardwork by all those at Atfaluna to improve the welfare of the deaf community in Gaza.

Atfaluna is also celebrating its 23rd Anniversary which it did by holding an Open Day for all its staff and board of directors on Gaza Beach.

Hadeel was mentioned at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in the Report from the World Mission Council and  Commissioners were encouraged to make purchases from Hadeel.

Did you know that we can supply products for Fair Trade Stalls in churches and this attracts a small discount?  Please contact Sarah in the shop for more details.

Following the debate in the Scottish Parliament the General Assembly passed a motion urging its  Church and Society Council to write to Her Majesty's government to ask them to recognise the State of Palestine.

Congratulations to Albyn Secondary School, Aberdeen whose Fair Trade Group won the Church of Scotland Stevenson Prize for “Best Secondary School Assembly 2015” for their assembly on Fair Trade, which was presented to 15 pupils at the General Assembly in Edinburgh



 We are now taking orders for Ramadan of the 5kg boxes.  They are at the special price of £40 (plus £6.95 postage)  We also have a new 1kg box at the special price of £10 (plus postage £4.95).   Please order as soon as possible to ensure delivery in time for Ramadan, on the 18th June. Please contact the shop on 0131 225 1922 or visit the website  for more details.
  We are delighted to announce that we have another new Local Rep covering the Brighton area -Charlotte Perkins, she can be contacted at  charlotteperkins84@yahoo.co.uk
  We have lots of new deliveries in including some gorgeous new scarves and bags perfect for summer both the bag and scarf pictured come from Idna Ladies Association (group 36).  The scarf is 100% cotton and features delicate cross-stitch design.
Summer Bag and scarf


31st March and 1st April 2015
"God loves those who are fair and just" Quran (49:9)

MADE* in Europe and SFTF**, together with Hadeel, organised two events in Scotland to introduce Islamic Fair Trade and MADE’s Buy Palestinian Campaign. 

Syed Ikhlaas (r) and Kieran Kelly from MADE, with Diline Abushabban, our volunteer from Gaza helping behind the Hadeel stall.                                          Photo Ross Campbell
Particularly since the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, about a year ago, ethical consumption has become a pressing issue for Muslims and others concerned with justice.  By leading us through Islamic history, the Quran and the Hadith, Syed explained the Islamic strong emphasis on justice, fairness and mercy.   Justice is not a personal inclination but includes issues of trade, giving full measure and giving the labourer his/her due wage – issues very prominent in the Trade Justice movement. 
The Buy Palestinian campaign is a positive initiative to support the Palestinian economy, hoping to target the approximately 3 million Muslims in the UK.  They support BDS wholeheartedly but want to construct not destruct – hence the connection with Hadeel.  MADE’s Buy Palestinian Campaign has partnered with Zaytoun for a while and we look forward to our new relationship with them.  

*the Muslim Association for Development Education
**Scottish Fair Trade Forum

Watch This Space . . . 

Ramadan begins about 18th of June.  Hadeel will have special offers on large sizes of the delicious Madjoul dates from the Jordan Valley - both 1 kg. and 5 kg. sizes will be available.  Special orders will be taken from May 12th for delivery in early June - look out for a special newsletter in about 2 weeks..  We don't want to disappoint customers as we did with a few last year.
*  GAZA remains closed preventing any exports leaving.  We are awaiting a delivery from Atfaluna (Group 17) which unfortunately is caught up in the continued blockade by Israel of exports from Gaza.
*  THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT, although international relations is not a devolved power, debated a motion on Tuesday 21 April to recognise the Palestinian State:

"That the Parliament believes that the recognition of the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel based on 1967 borders could be a stimulus to securing a negotiated two-state solution in the Middle East and notes the opinion of many Israelis and Palestinians living in Glasgow, the rest of Scotland and beyond that resolution through peaceful means is the only option'

New in for Spring from the Bethlehem Arab Women's Union (Group 21 #211002) is this gorgeous across body bag with embroidery on both sides and fully lined with several organiser pockets.  We also have received a new delivery from Sulafa in Gaza including the glamorous black scarf with gold embroidery.

In other news we are introducing a new till and accounting system hopefully this will mean in the long run better stock keeping, easier issuing of invoices but in the short term please bear with us as we work to get it all set up!

For events in Glasgow we have had a team of volunteers helping us and we now have a local rep who is able to place and collect orders for those living in the Glasgow area.  If you are interested please contact Susan Duffy at susan.duffy22@gmail.com.

If you are interested in becoming a Local Rep and helping customers in your area to support the Palestinian economy by purchasing Hadeel products from social enterprises in the West Bank, Gaza, the Galilee and the Negev, please contact Sarah - sarah@hadeel.org

In the last newsletter we mentioned Muslim Agency for Development Education in Europe (MADE in Europe).  We are going to be involved in some workshops that they are running with the Scottish Fair Trade Forum on Fair Trade in Islam and also on #Buypalestinian  (See poster above)
There are two workshops running, one in Edinburgh on Tuesday 31 March 6-8pm at the Melting Pot,  and one in Glasgow on Wednesday 1 April at the Radisson Blu, 6-8pm

Fair Trade Fortnight

Pictured l-r:  Sarah Burns, Carol Morton, Maha Campbell, Taysir Arbasi, Mohammed Irsheid, Alistair McGregor
Fair Trade Fortnight was very busy with stalls and events running throughout the fortnight!
Notably we welcomed Mohammed Irsheid, Palestinian Farmer and Taysir Arbasi, Palestinian Director of Zaytoun to the shop, see picture above,  and to speak at our event in the Melting Pot. (See picture above) Mohammed is a member of the Sir Village Cooperative, near Jenin and also a proud member of the  Palestianian Fair Trade Association.  With the assistance of Maha Campbell, one of our volunteers, as translator, we learned about the day to day struggles  that he faced including limited access to his crops and water.   He explained that for each litre of oil produced there was a Fair Trade premium of 2.5 shekels of which the farmer was given 1.5 directly and 1 shekel went to the cooperative which used the money to fund amongst other things a school and a health centre.
Taysir Arbasi spoke more generally of the struggle to do business in Palestine as the Israelis wished to keep the Palestinians dependent on aid.  There was uncertainty about whether there would be more moves by the Israelis to claim land and clear it of the vital crops. 
Following the Hadeel event Taysir and Mohammed were invited to speak at a meeting at the Scottish Parliament organised by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum to mark Fair Trade Fortnight. It was a chance for them to meet two other producers from Malawi and Mauritius. In their short presentation Taysir emphasised that what Palestinian farmers needed was trade not aid. They were able to speak to Fiona Hyslop MSP,sCabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs, George Adam MSP and James Kelly MSP, co-convenors of the Cross -Party Group and Martin Rhodes, director of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. They were also able to meet members of a number of local Fair Trade groups and were given a tour of the debating chamber.

Pictured l-r :  George Adam MSP, Charles Chavi from Malawi, Fiona Hyslop MSP , Taysir Arbasi, Pamela L'Intelligent from Craft Aid Mauritius,  Mohammed Irsheid and James Kelly MSP with children from St Elizabeth Primary School, Hamilton
Ma'an lil-Hayat (Group 32) who run the wool felting project in Bethlehem, West Bank are part of the international L'Arche community, whose founder, Jean Vanier has been awarded the 2015 Templeton prize.

Previous winners include the Dalai Lama and  Archbishop Desmond Tutu .  He has vowed to donate the £1.2m prize fund to L'Arche, which he set up in his own home in the 1960s after witnessing an asylum and deciding he could offer a better life to two of its residents.  His motto is 'compassion and respect for the weakest in society'.
Thinking of an Easter gift? What about one of these decorative Olive Wood Eggs as an alternative to the chocolate variety shown here on a mat from the Bethlehem Arab Women's Union (Group 21) and in a pomegranate dish from Lifegate (Group 30)!
Olive Wood Eggs

28 February - 7 March
This annual celebration of all things Fair Trade is upon us! This year the focus is on the impact Fair Trade has on its producers.

 If you are selling Hadeel products at any events for Fair Trade Fortnight then please do let us know so we can add them on our website.

We are always excited to tell you about the people that make our products and provide information about all the groups that we work with and of course during the celebration we will be showcasing the work of our artisans.

We are especially pleased again to be cooperating with Zaytoun and welcoming two farmers from Palestine as well as taking part in some outside events during the fortnight- more details below!
Mohammed Irsheid Olive farmer


Palestinian Farmers Visit

On Wednesday 4 March Taysir Arbasi, Zaytoun director and Mohammed Irsheid (pictured above), olive and almond farmer, will be in Edinburgh speaking at a Hadeel Open Event.  This event will start promptly at 5 as our visitors have also been invited to a Fair Trade Fortnight Reception at the Scottish Parliament that evening.  Please share with others, on Facebook, etc.


Made in Europe - #Buy Palestinian Campaign

(Muslim Agency for Development Education)
“By buying our products, you are saving our livelihoods, the future of our children and you are helping to save the land” Riziq Abu Nasser, Palestinian farmer
We have linked up with Made in Europe, a Muslim movement leading the fight against global poverty and injustice. One of the ways they are doing this is by encouraging the purchase of Fair Trade products.  Their current campaign is called #BuyPalestinian.  They have linked for some time with Zaytoun and promoted food products, but in future will also include crafts through Hadeel.  Alhamdulillah
Back in stock

Two of our most popular greetings cards are back in stock.  The  Olive Tree from a painting by artist Joan Musgrave and the image of the Banksy artwork.

Card depicting Banksy graffiti Olive Tree Card

 News from Palestine

Here is an update from the Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Workshop, Ramallah:

"Just this morning, when we started to write this letter, one of the women who embroiders since a long time, was telling us how this work has helped her to raise her large family of 13 children. (Her husband works, but not with a big salary). Most were able to study, one is a nurse. It was she who won last year's embroidery contest for young people.  Several of the other girls in the family helped their mother since they started to embroider. There are still 6 children at home.
The year 2014 was sadly marked by the events in Gaza that have shocked us all
The arrival of foreign groups in solidarity with Palestine has been affected, some have canceled their trip. We received the visit to the workshop by 13 groups in 2014, but mostly small groups, the organizers did not want to cancel their visit, but had fewer participants.   As for our tradition, we succeeded in gathering all the women on the occasion of Mother's Day, and we already need to start thinking about organizing the next, since here it is celebrated on March 21"

Customer Feedback

We love to hear what customers think of our products and services and we have had some great feedback recently
“The work of Hadeel is just great - just having light to do your homework or embroidery will change people's lives for the better.  You can be sure that you are making a big difference.”
“Thank you so much for my lovely olive wood products which have safely arrived today - gosh! that was very quick!  The Christmas tree decorations are wonderful ...- I have bought one set for myself and one set for my church to use next Christmas on the tree in the Church.  It seems especially fitting for the church tree to have something from Bethlehem on it when we will be celebrating the birth of Christ, doesn’t it?  The fish rosary is very beautiful and inspiring too.  Thank you again for selling such lovely things.  I wish you and all the people who make the things you sell the very best for 2015”

We would love to hear what you think of our products and your experience with us, so drop us a line 

My name is Sarah Burns and I am the new Retail Manager - I am the first stop for info about the shop and products, website and all outside sales.  I am looking forward to the exciting challenge of working for Hadeel! 
My background - I am passionate about Fair Trade and trade justice which arose having volunteered in Tanzania  and  recently worked selling fair trade clothes and accessories.  Outside work you might find me walking the dog, avoiding going to the gym or out for dinner with friends!!
This picture was taken at our recent volunteer meeting- where the volunteers gathered for a round up of news and to meet Sarah, the new retail manager.  We are always looking for new volunteers If you are interested please email sarah@hadeel.org
Shepherd from Ma'an lil Hayat with Hibawi Kufiyah in background - photo Ross Campbell
Best wishes to our customers and friends over the
Christmas and New Year holidays.

The shop will be closed from 5.00 p.m. on Christmas Eve until
10.00 a.m. on Monday, 5th January.  

We do stocktake during this period.
Orders can still be sent via the website and
will be processed when the shop re-opens.
Orders placed during the last week of January
will be delayed because of staff holidays.

Visit by MSP
                                                                                          Photo Ross Campbell

During December the shop was visited by one of our local MSPs, Marco Biagi, pictured here with his purchase: a Ma'an lil-Hayat (Together for Life) nativity.  With Mr Biagi are Carol Morton, Hadeel's director, and Alistair MacGregor, Chairman of Palcrafts and Hadeel Councils.  Mr. Biagi was interested to have news of our producer groups and how the products reached us, particularly in the problem of getting goods out of Gaza.

. . . yes, at least comparatively good.  Our two producer groups in Gaza have not been able to export any handcrafts since before Israel's Operation Protective Edge in August.  In November we finally received the first order from Sulafa, UNRWA's embroidery project, and just yesterday the final of 2 boxes from Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children.  Our customers will be pleased to see many of these products back online, but sadly not in time for Christmas gifts.

Sulafa wrote "During the conflict in July and August 2014, women were not able to work due to the harsh security situation.  In addition, women's income was affected even after that since two-thirds of sales were at local market where people are spending to recover instead of buying new traditional pieces.  This emphasises the importance of opening new market outside the Strip. . . "

As a result of our Gaza Appeal, we were able to send £2,000 each to these projects.  While it may seem a small amount in the context of tremendous need, we do know that because of our close relationship with the groups, real effective aid goes right into artisans' homes.  Sulafa is going to buy rechargeable lights for the women embroiderers to work at home.  The women will be able to work in early evening without being dependent on Gaza's dreadful power supply.  This will also enable children to do homework.  Atfaluna will provide eyeglasses to women who are badly in need of them, and also buy some embroidery materials for the work from home program.  Many thanks to all who donated to our appeal.

Trees for Life

Congratulations to Zaytoun on their 10 year Anniversary, and approaching their 2014 target of planting 10,000 olive tree saplings in Palestine.
For more information see http://www.zaytoun.org/products/catalogue/trees-for-life/

There are two other olive tree planting programs which you can support:

Friends of Nablus and the surrounding Areas (FONSA) http://www.fonsa.org.uk
The East Jerusalem YMCA/YWCA of Palestine Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) http://www.jai-pal.org

from all at Hadeel

Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you in the new year.
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Welcome to our
October 2014 Newsletter

photo from Sindyanna

Dear Friends,

We are sorry this Newsletter is so late, but as you'll see below, we have been busy - both in Edinburgh and around the country.  Our partners in Gaza, UNRWA Sulafa Embroidery Project and Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, are now back at work and as soon as goods are allowed through the Erez checkpoint, we will be restocked with their beautiful work.  We have good supplies from most of our West Bank producers, with new silver jewellery expected this week.  Please think of ordering sooner rather than later because handwork takes weeks to produce and reach us - items sold now may not be replaced before the middle of December.

Our stories this month include:  

Olive Season in Palestine

As many people know, for Palestinian farmers the olive tree symbolises and represents their steadfastness on their land, how they are deeply rooted in it and their resistance against its confiscation and destruction.  As well as selling handcrafts made from the prunings of olive trees, Hadeel has many links with other organisations whose work centres on the land and trees.  Here are two of them.

JAI - Joint Advocacy Initiative

JAI is a program of the East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine.  Recently they have issued a report about the attacks on olive trees and farmers during harvest - see facebook.com/OliveTreeCampaign.  Read about their Keep Hope Alive campaign which plants olive trees, sponsored by people from around the world.  In 2013 they distributed 8,300 olive trees - Palcrafts, Hadeel's charity parent, contributed at least 8 of these.  www.jai-pal.org

Hadeel has a supply of their 2015 Olive Tree Calendars, a wonderful resource with each month giving relevant information about the land, farming, and especially olive trees.  


Our partners at Sindyanna in the Galilee say that the olive harvest is the lovely time of year when they get to reap the rewards of all the hard work that has been put into sustaining their olive orchards.  Conditions for them are obviously very different from the West Bank and Gaza, but they have their own challenges to meet.

Their products are now being sold worldwide, with new outlets in Toronto and Elora, Ontario Canada, in South Korea and in Japan. 

You can buy Sindyanna’s soap and za’atar from Hadeel.
photo Sindyanna

Staffing at Hadeel

You will know that the Council of Hadeel have advertised for a new Retail Manager, as Grant Harrison has had to leave the company.  Closing date for applications is 27th October, so we have no news for you yet.  It is anticipated that the new person may not start until the beginning of 2015.

In the meantime the joint managers will be Ross Campbell, who has worked with Hadeel for over 10 of the 11 1/2 years we have been open, and Carol Morton, recent Managing Director.  Please bear with us during this difficult period when we are short staffed.  Our level of service may not remain as high as we would wish.  We may have to consider closing one day a week, and online orders may take a day longer than usual.  You will be kept informed of any such changes.

What's New in the Shop?

New from Oasis onesies for babies - they are really body warmers, as the local factory doesn't make real onesies with legs - it's too hot there, they say! 100% cotton with various designs which are screen-printed on at Oasis.  The ones above say in Arabic 'sheep' (left) and (right) habibi, meaning (depending on context) something like 'my deal little one'.  Available in a range of sizes from new born to 1 year, they will soon be available on our website. Oasis, founded in 1998, is in Beit Sahour.  It is one of our partners that provides a workshop for people with special needs.  Many of you will know they make candles and are the first Palestinian group to make recycled cards, several designs being available at www.hadeel.org.  
photo Ross Campbell

Palestinian Handcrafts: Identity and Non-violent Resistance - 
Nada Shawa and "My Distant War"

Pictured: Nada Shawa addressing the meeting
The afternoon of Sunday 5 October saw our shop full to capacity when, as part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival, Hadeel hosted an event about Palestinian Handcrafts: Identity and Non-violent Resistance.  Friends old and new came to hear Nada Shawa whose presentation was "My Distant War".  Nada, born in Gaza, came to Edinburgh when she was 8 years old in order to receive medical treatment.  She has lived here since then, but has always kept in close contact with her family in Gaza.
In the context of her family, she brought Gaza’s history to life. She gave a moving account of how difficult it has been to carry on normal life here during the recent months of conflict, while constantly worrying about the safety of her loved ones.  It was clear that Nada and all her family personify the Palestinian quality of ‘samud’ or steadfastness in the face of trials that we find hard to imagine.

Excerpts were read from UNRWA Gaza's embroiderers, who feel encouraged and strengthened even during the most stressful of times  by the stitching of embroidered goods.  Their culture is  maintained, they feel that people care about them and they earn some income, often the only money coming into the family.

photo Ross Campbell
                                                                                                            photo Margaret Shand
In the September Newsletter we told you that Hadeel had become a member of ESEN, the Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network.  Here is volunteer Sally Evans staffing Hadeel's stall at the Social in the Square at St. Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, on 12th and 13th September.

SitS was a great success and certainly fulfilled its aim of raising awareness of the city’s social enterprises.  Around 20,000 people were able to enjoy the event and there was wide media coverage.  Congratulations to ESEN who organised this ambitious event.
Over 170 people enjoyed Milton Keynes PSC’s third annual PALFEST, celebrating Palestinian culture at the MK Academy on 7th September.  The event included music, food, crafts, poetry, dancing, face painting, films, and activities for children. 
One of the stalls featured books and photographs of traditional Palestinian costumes and cross stitch embroidery alongside beautiful examples from the Hadeel range of products. Sales of £100 of Hadeel items were made on the stall. In addition, children and adults had a go at their own cross stitch embroidery and small kits for trying a simple embroidery design based on a typical symbol were also prepared and sold.

Hadeel's Local Rep in MK is Win Kennedy who has also encouraged sales through the Church of Christ the Cornerstone.

photo Milton Keynes PSC


We have been asked to publicise this project, which celebrates the influence of the Scots and their culture around the world and records stories from 25 different countries.
A number of folk hope to have a panel about the influence of Scottish missionaries in Palestine in the 19th and 20th centuries and the legacy they have left, particularly at Tabeetha School, Nazareth Hospital (EMMS), the Scottish Mission Hospital in Tiberias (now the Scots Hotel) and St Andrew's Scots Memorial Church and Hospice, Jerusalem.
They are looking for volunteer stitchers (male and female!) to help. The design will be made in collaboration with the artist Andrew Crummy and all materials will be provided by the organisers from Prestongrange Arts Festival.  
If you are interested please contact Jennifer Dunlop at jen9586@hotmail.co.uk  

September 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The image of Palestine rising from the ashes of the destruction of Gaza is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist, Imad Abu Shytayyah.  It expresses, in a way that words cannot, the struggles of our partner organisations just now.  They are very much in our thoughts.

In August we were so busy with the Edinburgh Festival that we didn't get our Newsletter out - apologies!  Many customers, both old and new, came into the shop, asked lots of questions about Gaza and increased sales throughout the month.  It was not surprising that products from Gaza were in high demand, as were books and of course food as usual.  Earlier today we learned that workers at Sulafa, UNRWA, are back at work so we'll be sending a big order.

Many thanks for all the very generous donations to our Gaza Appeal in aid of the two groups we support there, Sulafa and Atfaluna. To date we have raised over £3000, to which several hundred pounds will be added in reclaimed Gift Aid. Our appeal is still open for donations so please help if possible, either through the website, by phone, or by popping into the shop.

Our stories this month include:  

The following message was sent by L’Arche in Palestine at the beginning of August:
© L'Arche in Palestine
This is a time of intense sadness in Palestine. The almost continuous bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli military has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000. The members of L’Arche in Palestine, as most of the inhabitants of Bethlehem and Bethany and other areas in the West Bank, are doing okay, though the tension and unpredictability in our daily lives – as well as the feeling of powerlessness in front of the atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters in Gaza – are really taking a toll on us.

For people on the West Bank, life during the day is more or less normal. At night, though, there are demonstrations to protest against the situation in Gaza, and the Israeli army uses force to quell the demonstrations. These clashes can last for hours. It’s a situation that has all but emptied us of any hope for peace.
 It is the end of the month of Ramadan, and, as one of our important traditions, a number of people from L’Arche in Bethlehem will go to prepare and share the Iftar evening meal with our friends at the malja (institution) in Bethany. What gives us hope is our ability to create something beautiful together even in the midst of an ugly situation. It’s a sign, a very small sign, that faithful relationships can be a source of hope.

We’re very grateful for the messages of prayer and concern sent to us by so many individuals and communities around the Federation. Let’s together pray that the hearts of all people will be touched with a genuine desire for and commitment to peace and justice.
L'Arche in Palestine
We have just received a shipment with exciting new products now available at Hadeel – all occasion cards, magnets, and more felt designs.
Photo of Rt Rev John Chalmers Moderator, in Hadeel shop (Chris Flexen)

The Moderator of the General Assembly has urged congregations across Scotland to display their collective desire for world peace through an innovative doves of peace campaign. 

The Rt Rev John Chalmers will be presenting doves – originally made from pieces of glass picked from the rubble of past invasions of Bethlehem, now from recycled glass - to those he meets in the UK and beyond during his Moderatorial year.

Mr Chalmers said: "For me this dove holding an olive branch in its mouth is a symbol of hope and the artwork itself shows that something beautiful can arise from the ashes of despair.

"Most particularly, however, it is my prayer that a just peace will reign for Israelis and for the Palestinian people, whether in Gaza or in the place where this symbol was first conceived and where the glass doves are being crafted."

The glass doves and a variety of other recycled glass products from Bethlehem are available from Hadeel.


Hadeel joins ESEN
We are pleased to announce that Hadeel has been accepted as a member of the Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network.  
>From cafes and retail to creative industries and leisure, all of Edinburgh’s social enterprises generate trading income and reinvest their profits into their community or social or environmental benefits.  Working together with other members of ESEN will provide us with excellent opportunities to raise Hadeel’s profile in new areas of the community.

Our first event with them will be the exciting Social in the Square, Edinburgh’s first festival of social enterprise!

Social in the Square

Come and join us for Edinburgh’s first ever Social in the Square! If you’re suffering from festival withdrawal or just returning to the city centre after the summer madness, then come for two days of fun in St Andrew’s Square Gardens.

Along with lots of fun activities for children and adults, there will be a ceramics class, amazing international food, Irish dance, rock music, theatre, all sorts of beautiful products to buy, and of course, a Hadeel stall selling the Palestinian products we all know and love.  You won’t want to miss this!
The following is taken from an article by Veronica Crerar, one of our long-term volunteers:

You may hear people say there are faults on both sides in the Gaza war, and there is some truth in this, but you must remember that the people of Gaza have been mercilessly and illegally persecuted by the Israelis, since 1967, and in some cases earlier. The Israeli response to out-breaks of frustration is invariably disproportionate and often contrary to international law.

Surely no-one in the UK can have been totally unmoved by the terrible events in Gaza over the last few weeks.  At Hadeel, however, we have been deeply distressed by the reports we have received from so many friends and colleagues in Gaza and the West Bank, spelling out exactly what this has meant to them.

Two years ago, a group from Hadeel travelled to Palestine to meet our producer groups, to hear about their problems, to see new products and generally to keep in touch.  We managed to get permits to enter Gaza for a few hours.  Two of the groups we visited were  Atfaluna, a wonderful charity which provides medical care, education and training for deaf children and adults  and Sulafa, UNRWA’s work in women’s centres in refugee camps.  We sent messages from them in our last Newsletter.

We sell beautiful embroidery, ceramics and other crafts from these projects but do not expect to receive any deliveries for a very long time. This loss of income and need for rebuilding will mean that the services Atfaluna are able to provide will be greatly reduced.

In the West Bank there have been less publicised attacks, destruction and deaths.  One very enterprising and successful embroidery group which we visited was the Idna Ladies Association, in the village of Idna near Hebron.  We received the following message dated 22nd July from a friend in Jerusalem, who visits Idna on our behalf.

“Dear Carol,
Idna ladies are fine, I am fine too.
Idna village had closure long time, now open.
But IDF soldiers are coming to village every night around 2am to 5am.  Soldiers come from back of village looking for Hamas member.  When soldiers are outside one of houses, just ruin doors, look for man who is Hamas member.
One house has broken doors, soldiers came to search a man, even husband who died long time ago.
Yesterday at Mount Olives had clash, Idna as well.
I went to village last week was quiet.  I hope to go village next Monday, will see.”

The war in Gaza is being used as a reason for harassing people in the West Bank.

Some of the messages are too horrific to reprint here, but all of these people just want to get on with their lives and do the best they can in already appalling circumstances and they have not been given the chance.

Hadeel has set up an appeal to raise funds to help Atfaluna and Sulafa, our other producer group in Gaza, run by the UN.  If you would like to contribute, you can donate on line through our website, by post or in person at the Hadeel shop, 123 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN.  Cheques should be made payable to Palcrafts, the charity which owns Hadeel.
Thank you.
George Shand speaking to the AGM

Alistair McGregor, Chair, began our AGM with unusual solemnity.

At last year’s AGM there had been a presentation from Samar AlHallaq, the Assistant Co-ordinator of the Palestinian History Tapestry Project in Gaza.  Hadeel had just learned the tragic news that Samar and her two young children had been killed by Israeli bombing in Shija’yah.  Her husband is critically ill in hospital.  Alistair talked of his own thoughts for peace and a ceasefire, and asked people to share one minute’s silence to remember and pray for Samar and her family.
After the rest of the AGM, Alistair introduced The Rev. George Shand, founder of the One World Shop in Edinburgh and past member of the Councils of both Hadeel and Sunbula in Jerusalem.  George has recently returned from 5 years as minister of St. Andrew’s Church, Jerusalem.
‘From Campaign To Canaan.  Agra to Idna – Thoughts on 30 Years of Fair Trade’
For more than 30 years, George and Carol had both been involved with Fair Trade and the life of four Fair Trade shops, Small World Shop (Preston Pans), One World Shop, Sunbula, and Hadeel. The operation of Fair Trade has increased in sophistication, but remains a very positive response to injustice providing a link between buyer and producer in a very fair relationship.
Community Development  Choosing examples from India and Palestine, George illustrated how Fair Trade through ‘Positive Relationships and Community Development’ can make a huge difference to the whole life of communities. 
Political Change Many obstacles to fair trade remain and are ongoing.  A major one for Hadeel is managing to get goods out of the country and paying the producers. 
Identity  Fair Trade has helped to develop the ‘conscious consumer’ with Fair Trade becoming part of peoples’ identity.  The positive use of social media shows that ordinary people can initiate change.
Presence  Thirty years ago Fair Trade products were mainly sold in small shops, and stalls.  Now Fair Trade is part of the mainstream.  It is vital to be in the eye of the public and it was a very important step for Hadeel when it moved to its new location on George Street. 
Humanity  …. and vulnerability  The level we work at in Fair Trade is small and local, but its trading nature requires it to be global.  The destruction in Gaza has demonstrated to us how vulnerable these people are. 
Rebuilding and Resistance   It is the very nature of ‘occupation’ to seek to break down community-based infrastructure. Therefore, to rebuild is to resist.  It is the very nature of the humanity of the peace-builders we have contact with, to pick up the pieces and rebuild.  Fair Trade is a partnership which provides one means of rebuilding and resistance.

Events where you can buy Hadeel goods



Saturday 6
Scottish Fair Trade Forum: Empire Rooms, Festival Theatre, 13-29 Nicholson Street, Edinburgh

10:00-11.45, AGM.
11.45-4.00  National Campaigner Conference.  All welcome (no goods on sale at this event)


Welcome to our
July 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Hadeel comes to you this month amid heavy bombardment of Gaza where many children are again a casualty of the conflict.  We mourn the loss of the innocent children and the loss of innocent childhood of their siblings, cousins and friends. We remain in solidarity with our producers in Gaza -- you will find some messages from them below -- and the rest of the Palestinian Territories and hope that a solution comes soon, one that is permanent and more importantly fair.  

We want to remind you that the Hadeel/Palcrafts AGM is taking place on Tuesday 22 July 2014 at the Melting Pot, 5 Rose St, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR.  We hope to see you many of you there to hear George Shand speak about ‘From Campaign to Canaan, Agra to Idna - Thoughts on 30 Years of Fair Trade’. Please see more details here.  

In our newsletter this month you will find: Photo courtesy of Amir Schiby.  For more about the story behind the image, please read this article.

Eid il-Fitr will be around July 28 this year, so our Ramadan special will run until then. Hadeel's special offers during Ramadan are 15% off the following food items:
  • 500 g. Medjoul dates normally £7 --> £5.95
  • Fair Trade organic oil, 500g + za'atar sachet, normally £8.95 --> £7.60
  • Freekeh, 250g., normally £2 --> £1.70.  

Hadeel has received a new product, the cushion cover pictured above, from a new group: Haneen, which developed in 2007 with the help of our sister shop in Jerusalem, Sunbula and seeks to empower women through the making of traditional handcrafts.  

Haneen which means "longing" in Arabic, is located in Balata Refugee Camp, which has 22,000 refugees and is the largest of the 19 refugee camps in the West Bank. Living in conditions are difficult with overcrowding, poverty and violence all around. Experimenting with ancient designs and techniques, Haneen is producing unique items not made by other groups.   Hadeel hopes to stock some other items, such as a scarf with part "hatta" design, part velvet; another 100% camel wool, among other products in the future.  We will keep you posted.  

In the meantime, do check our New Products pages for other new arrivals. 
The Scottish Palestine Forum AGM took place on 25 June 2014 at the Tron Kirk in Glasgow, with 33 supporters of SPF hearing the Rev Warren Bardsley speak.

Warren is the inspiration behind ‘Time for Action’ a British Christian response to A Moment of Truth the Kairos Palestine document. ‘Time for Action’ was launched at Greenbelt in 2013. One hundred people took part in its writing and twenty congregations and groups within the British churches have already endorsed it.
The heart of the document is a Call to Action. The Kairos Palestine document endorses the call from Palestinian civil society for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the policies of the Israeli government. BDS is one means of non-violent resistance to the policies of what is in fact an apartheid state. Just as congregations in the UK have been invited to become Fair Trade congregations and Eco congregations so they should now be challenged to become Kairos congregations, endorsing the ‘Time for Action’ document.
‘Individuals are important,’ Warren said, ‘but we need the strength that Kairos communities bring. Could the SPF committee,’ he asked, ‘organize a Training Day?’ Warren would provide the team to do the training. Kairos Britain’s recently appointed advocacy worker, Charlotte Marshall, starts work in July. Watch this space…

Check the Kairos website for updates on actions and news from Gaza.  

A Moment of Truth:  Kairos 2009  and Time for Action are available from Hadeel @ £2 each plus postage.
Carol Morton, Hadeel's Director, has been in touch with several of our producers in Gaza and the West Bank, such as Atfaluna and Sulafa.  The photo above is of a dress embroidered by Atfaluna, worn by Palestinian-British Serene -- a somewhat "normal" photo of a Palestinian child as opposed to the many horrific ones we have been seeing on our screens.  Hadeel has a number of items from both groups in stock at the moment.  We do not know when we will be able to restock on some of the crafts from Gaza again, but we will keep you posted.  

In addition to supporting our producers, if you feel you would like to donate to the humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza, please consider donating to Medical Aid for Palestinians - UK.

Undoubtedly, as things eventually go back to "normal", we expect many of our producers in Gaza to also call on us for support to repair damage done to their premises during this latest onslaught.  We will keep you appraised of any requests we get to see how we can help.  

We also wanted to draw your attention to the fact that while the onslaught on Gaza makes the news, the West Bank's suffering continues silently.  Below are the message that our producers from both the West Bank and Gaza sent back:  

Message from Atfaluna for Deaf Children: 

Dear Carol,

Many thanks for your kind feelings and support which we truly appreciate.  The situation in the Gaza Strip rapidly deteriorated and we expect the worst to come. Atfaluna had to close its doors since last Wednesday  due to the insecure situations .  Kindly see the attached report about the current situation in Gaza.

Best wishes,
Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children
Naim Kabaja, Director
Message from Hind al Arabi, director of Women’s Program of UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and World Agency:

Dear Carol,

Thanks so much for your warm feeling, all us at Sulafa embroidery center are ok, hope this crazy war will stop soon.

Pleas find below the ‏‏Commissioner-General  letter to staff on the situation in Gaza             Best wishes to Hadeel,

From the Commissioner-General of UNRWA:

Dear colleagues,

I write to you during very trying times in Gaza, times we all hoped we would never have to experience again. The population of Gaza, including Palestine refugees are, once again, enduring great suffering and many have lost their lives or sustained serious injuries. These past days of very grave violence have already taken a high toll on civilians, including women and children. If calm is not quickly restored, the casualty levels will become even more intolerable and unacceptable.

As I write, Gaza continues to be exposed to relentless bombings. The indiscriminate and often deliberate attacks on civilian areas must end and international humanitarian law must be respected. Families in Gaza live through constant fear in their homes and their hearts. One of our colleagues shared a message with me saying it was simply becoming impossible to answer the frightened questions of his children when strike after strike was shaking their home.

The dramatic escalation in violence over the past few days in Gaza is once again making it starkly clear how vital UNRWA’s role is for the refugees who rely on us for protection and assistance. We have taken measures to ensure we can continue to provide critically needed services during the emergency situation. These include the provision of health care and food aid in our distribution centers upon which refugees and their families depend. We are also asking donors to cover our emergency funding shortfall and help us cope with the rising needs.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt and deepest admiration for the extraordinary courage of UNRWA staff in Gaza. Like our colleagues in Syria, and those facing difficult situations in other fields, our Gazan colleagues have, despite the grave risks, continued to work to ensure that Palestine refugees have ongoing access to the services they need.  My thoughts are with the civilians in Gaza, our staff, and their families, at this most difficult time. The steadfastness and resolve they have shown in the face of such great challenges, truly embodies the spirit of empathy, solidarity and togetherness that characterizes the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Thanks to the determination of our colleagues in Gaza working under the outstanding leadership of Robert Turner, Director of Operations and his team, UNRWA is actively engaged in supporting Palestine refugees affected by the conflict. We will do so for as long as it takes and with all our energy and dedication.

Pierre Krähenbühl

From the West Bank:
Message YWCA, Mira Rizeq, National General Secretary of the YWCA of Palestine, on 21st June, long before the ‘current’ violent situation.
Action Alert - Assaulting and Kidnapping Our Future

The West Bank is under a full scale siege which includes hundreds of raids and assaults on homes, media stations, refugee camps, and even charitable societies. At this moment over 370 people have been kidnapped and detained including members of Hamas, members of Parliament, and released prisoners from the Shalit exchange. Four young people have been killed and at least 7 critically injured. Roads and checkpoints are closed and work permits are being ripped up. In addition, Israel bombs Gaza “targets” nightly. A three month year old baby was killed last night. This is what it means to live under military occupation and what is meant by the term “collective punishment.

We also believe that all of Palestinian society has been kidnapped. Every time a soldier enters a Palestinian home in the middle of the night and with violence threatens or takes away a brother, a sister, a father, or a mother this is kidnapping. In addition, there are 5,271 prisoners in Israeli jails with hundreds under “administrative detention.” Their lives and their family’s lives have been kidnapped.

Message from a friend in Bethlehem, facilitating orders from groups in the West Bank like Surif Women’s Cooperative, L’Arche Community, Bethlehem Arab Women’s Union.  
10 July: 
The situation as you may hear is so bad and we are fear from traveling out especially at the entrances of the cities. The people are so worried from what to expect and when will it stop.  
I hope for you to remain healthy and to keep the good work at Hadeel. 
and on 12th July:
Lately it has been a worsening situation around us as many rockets reached nearby places as Gush Ezyoun so we were glad to fly away a bit until it settles a bit. 

Now it has turned too in the West Bank but always the news are subjected to Gaza. 

I know that all the rest of the world cannot do anything because of the other partner but where is the human rights to the poorest individuals being killed or suffering from danger and frightened. 
August opening times
Hadeel is pleased to announce new opening hours for August only, to capitalise on festival traffic.  We will be open every Sunday in August from 13:00 to 17:00 so see you out and about this August!    

This coincides with a makeover happening on George Street in preparation for the festival.  The plans is to have the whole street on Hadeel's side pedestrianised with decking and marquees in place for a year - initially for hospitality businesses to cater to the increased festival footfall, but also as a trial for a year.  Although this will be a challenge for deliveries, we hope it will bring new clientele into the shop!  See the preparations in the photo above -- we are squeezed between Tiger Lily and the Church of Scotland.  

Check out our updated Facebook page

Please check out our updated Facebook page at 

If you don't already, please subscribe to the page and help spread the word of what we're 
doing to help our friends in Palestine.

Chair's visit to Palestine
Finally, Alistair McGregor, Hadeel/Palcrafts Chair, has just returned from a visit to Jerusalem and will be preparing a report about it, which will be available in our next newsletter.  
By Carol Pearman

I was a volunteer local rep with Hadeel for over 10 years when I lived in York, which was a great way of doing something positive in partnership with Palestinians and an effective way of engaging people in talking about the Palestinian situation.

Often the venue for a Hadeel stall was a church women’s group where I would be asked to give an illustrated talk.  People there would enjoy the crafts themselves and fully appreciated the skill and dedication which went into Hadeel’s products.

Being a local rep expanded my network and from having a stall at the church groups, it was a small step from there to having regular stalls at district church synod meetings, where the subject of Palestine was often highlighted.  There I met other groups as diverse as the Soroptomists and the lifeboat fundraisers.

The Fairer World Shop in York was the inspiration point for many events centred around Fair Trade. Hadeel fitted in there nicely. The University of Leeds Fair Trade markets were productive too, with lots of enthusiastic international students there.

One of my favourite venues for stalls was St Helen’s Church in the centre of York, as it was a good place for the regulars to make purchases and also to engage with members of the general public.

As a local rep, I went on one of the visits to Jerusalem, which helped bring the products alive. This in turn enabled me to talk about the stories I had heard, opening people’s eyes to some of the realities of living under occupation. 

People responded positively, wanting to know how to help; as a first step they were encouraged to support the Palestinian Fairtrade venture and its advocacy side, particularly in Palestine, but also to consider other ways of campaigning. 

Sometimes there would be Palestinians, delighted to find supporters in York and see the goods on sale.  It was always surprising how many people had connections with Palestine, and how varied these might be.  I learned a lot!  Others, who had not engaged with the subject at all, would join in a conversation around the products, and then go off with their purchases plus information about our producer groups.

Now that we are living in Scotland again, I miss the lovely smell of za’atar wafting from the spare wardrobe where I kept my stocks. I look forward to working in other ways with Hadeel in the months to come.

Hadeel always needs new Local Representatives.  If you're interested, please contact Carol Morton on palcrafts@phonecoop.coop




Greetings all friends!


The summer is nearly upon us and we’ve had a busy for the last couple of months so apologies for the long silence.

Please check our upcoming events below and we particularly want to draw your attention to the Hadeel/Palcrafts AGM on Tuesday 22 July 2014. We will send around an announcement with details a little bit closer to the date, but please mark your diaries in the meantime.

  • New in the shop

  • Group of the month – The Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Project

  • First prize for Atfaluna

  • Storytelling as advocacy

  • Hadeel events past and future


New in the shop

Candles from the Oasis workshops have just arrived in the shop. They are perfect for church services or to add ambiance to meditation or group reflections. (http://www.hadeel.org/white-floral-leaf-design-candle-p-783.html)

New product from Zaytoun this month is freekah, which is green wheat that has been roasted and then sun-dried. Because of this it has a very distinctive flavour. It is nice in chicken soup or as a rice substitute in the Middle Eastern kitchen. So you can be creative with how you use it, whether as a side dish, or stuffed in peppers or in a salad. (http://www.hadeel.org/smoked-freekeh-250g-p-782.html) There is a recipe in 'The Gaza Kitchen' cookbook, also available from the shop and website (http://www.hadeel.org/the-gaza-kitchen-paperback-p-748.html), for Shorabit Freekah, a delicious sounding green wheat soup if your looking for recipe ideas.

Back in stock: 5 litre Organic Fair Trade Olive Oil canisters (50051) are now back in stock. These retail at £70 but are only available at the shop due to the prohibitive cost of postage.


Group of the Month – the Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Project

The Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Project was set up in 1988 in response to the need that emerged from the first Intifada. Originally, the project brought together more than 400 women, who were forced to become breadwinners overnight. Throughout the years has tended to fluctuate depending on the economic and political situation.

Recently, as part of Mothers’ Day celebrations, the project held a workshop for 260 women. The workshop is seen to be a vital part of cultural and economic activity and finds a lot of support from local businesses and banks as well as the Ramallah Municipality. A new Palestinian bank now offers interest-free loans for small projects set up by women. The workshop covered the small projects loans and how women may benefit from them. The Ramallah Municipality representative gave a talk about the environment in the city. Palrafts, the Scottish charity which owns Hadeel, was delighted to be able to contribute £200 to support this workshop – a donation from the Queensferry Fair Trade Group.

The workshop’s products are amongst the most popular in the shop. Hadeel is pleased to learn that the group is preparing new designs for bags. We will certainly keep our customers and friends updated when we get new products in from them.



First prize for Atfaluna!

Congratulations to Atfaluna [http://www.hadeel.org/index.php?main_page=manufacturers_about&manufacturers_about_id=13] who has won the first prize in the institutional excellence category of the Palestine Award for Excellence and Creativity, 2014. 

The prize was given out at an event in Ramallah and was claimed by Mr. Sharhabeel Al’Zaeem the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children Chairman, who was honoured to receive the award on their behalf. This was especially significant as it sheds light on a sector of society that is often marginalized. Atfaluna’s role in supporting thousands of people with hearing disabilities, in particular, over the past 23 years was important to recognise.

Mr. Naim Kabaja, the Atfaluna Director, said this award was for every deaf person and employee working with the deaf across the country.

The Palestine Award for Excellence and Creativity [http://www.pal-awards.ps/index.php?lang=en ] has been in place for the last six years and honours models of excellence and exceptional performance in the Palestinian community. Their aim is to encourage institutions, their staffs and talented individuals to improve performance, services and creativity forming more efficient practices and spreading modern management practices within institutions, individual and project levels.

Also big congratulations in the International Awards category to Dr Swee Chai Ang, who is patron of Medical Aid for Palestinians, for her new book “From Beirut to Jerusalem” and her work in service of Palestinian refugees, particularly during the Sabra and Shatilla Massacre.


Storytelling as advocacy

The Rev. Loren McGrail, Advocacy and Church Relations officer with the YWCA of Palestine came and spoke at the shop to a number of our volunteers and council members about her work in the “Fabric of our Lives” project. Loren also works in partnership with the Church of Scotland in Jerusalem, sharing in the worship at St. Andrew’s.

Loren spoke compellingly of meeting the various women in the project and how stories are so important to help people connect with the issues and learn about the Palestinian situation and how it impacts people’s lives on a daily basis.

The Fabric of Our Lives Project is an advocacy project of the YWCA of Palestine under their Rights for Women for Peace, Security and Dignity. The project aims to raise awareness about the importance of Palestinian refugee rights, particularly as the result of the Nakba “Catastrophe” in 1948 when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were made refugees.

A secondary objective is to support women with an income. Olive wood dolls are carved in Beit Jala then clothed in dresses designed to replicate those traditionally worn in each woman’s region of origin. Hadeel is investigating whether or not we will be able to stock these in our Edinburgh shop.

For more information see here:




Hadeel at Events past and future!

Hadeel took part in several events over the past few months:

  • On 24th April, in Dunblane Cathedral, the monthly Investing in Peace meeting with prayers and information was held. The Scottish Episcopal Church, Christian Aid and the Church of Scotland organize these events at which Hadeel has a presence. Many Palestinian churches and NGOs have called for boycott as a non-violent response to the injustice of their situation. Many people already do this and others do a boycott of Settlement goods, but it is increasingly recognized that support of the Palestinian economy is as important. What better way than by buying from Hadeel?


  • Heart and Soul (Church of Scotland General Assembly) – 18th May, Princes St. Gardens. The theme this year was “Hands Across the World”, so it was a good opportunity to meet and share about Hadeel/Palcrafts’ work with delegates from all over Scotland to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, meeting that week in Edinburgh.


  • Medical Aid for Palestinians – UK at the Scottish Parliament – Hadeel was represented by Alistair and Margaret McGregor, along with Carol Morton, at this important event which recognizes the invaluable role of MAP in support of Palestinian refugees. It was hosted by Sandra White, MSP, chair of the Cross Party Group on Palestine, one of the largest CPGs in the Scottish Parliament.


Thanks for your support at these events whether buying from our stalls or just stopping to chat and inquire about our work. A reminder to anyone interested, if you have any events in your area where you think a Hadeel stall would be appreciated, please get in touch with info@hadeel.org and we will provide you with further details about how to go about setting up your own stall.


Upcoming events where you can purchase Hadeel goods near you . . . .


Saturday & Sunday 7th & 8th 

Friends of Alton Abbey plant sale and open garden. Alton Abbey, Beech, Alton, Hants., GU34 4AP. 12 noon - 5.0pm. Admission £3. Tea & Cake £3. Featuring Hadeel stall, lace demonstration, second hand books, organ recital at 3.00pm. Information from our Local Rep in the area, Jill Hurley


Tuesday 10th

FT Fashion Show, 7:30 Ardrossan Academy, Ardrossan


Tuesday 24th

Investing in Peace. 7-9 pm Steeple Church, Dundee, DD1 4DG. Hadeel stall will be staffed by our Local Rep, Mike Whitehead.


Wednesday 25th

SPF Annual General Meeting. St George's Tron Church of Scotland, 163 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JX



Tuesday 22nd

Palcrafts AGM. 6-9:30pm The Melting Pot, Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR


Sunday 24th

Investing in Peace. 2 -4pm, Lochcarron Church, Lochcarron, IV54 8YB. Is there anyone reading this who could help staffing a Hadeel stall? Please contact Carol at palcrafs@phonecoop.coop.

Check the website regularly for updates on events near you. http://www.hadeel.org/events-ezp-20.html




Hadeel Newsletter

Hadeel is now sending out a monthly newsletter which includes news from our suppliers, information about special offers and events, recipe ideas and lots more. To join please email info@hadeel.org. Our November/December 2013 newsletter can be seen by clicking here.

Scottish Fair Trade Nation Celebration - 7th September 2013

On Saturday 7th September several members of Hadeel Council travelled to Perth for the Scottish Fair Trade Forum’s 2013 Festival to help celebrate Scotland as a Fair Trade Nation. This award was announced by Humza Yousaf MSP during Fair Trade week back in February and is a great achievement that was realised after a long, hard journey involving many individuals and organisations over a great many years. It recognises the commitment shown throughout Scotland to the principles of Fair Trade and the growing links between farmers, workers and producers in the developing world and organisations, networks and campaigners here in Scotland.

As a member of the Scottish Fair Trade Form and the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers, Hadeel was delighted to be a part of this journey and to be able to attend this event to celebrate with other Fair Trade partners and friends.
The day was a mixture of fun and business. First order of the day was the Scottish Fair Trade Forum’s Annual General Meeting, where new board members were elected, future funding was discussed and thought on how to move forward spreading the message of Fair Trade throughout Scotland were debated.

The fun part of the day encompassed many different events and activities for folk to enjoy including wine and food tastings, presentations and films and the awarding of the first Scottish Fair Trade awards. A festival is never complete these days without a bake-off with a twist; naturally Fair Trade ingredients were to be used as condition of entry.

But by far the most popular part of the day was the Fair Trade Marketplace which was open throughout the day with all sorts of Fair Trade goodies from around the world on sale. Hadeel had a well-placed stall near the entrance to the marketplace and had a busy and successful day speaking to people, giving out information about our suppliers and the Palestinian situation as well as selling a selection of the goods. Visit us at 123 George Street, Edinburgh or have a look at our online shop (http://www.hadeel.org/) for a wider selection.

All in all a great day was had by everyone and Hadeel Council would like to thank all who were involved to make this year’s Fair Trade Festival such a successful and enjoyable day.

Lindsay Turnbull, Council Member

BAFTs AGM and Heart and Soul – 19th and 20th May 2013

The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) held its AGM in Burntisland on 19 and 20 May 2012. Ross Campbell and Carol Morton attended and brought a stall for Hadeel, which since 2003 has been both a shop and a supplier (importer) member of BAFTS.

We attended only the Monday 20th session, as Sunday Hadeel had a stall at Heart and Soul, the Church of Scotland’s celebration in Princes Street Gardens during General Assembly week. Hannah Mackintosh led a team managing our stall. Sales were excellent, but just as important were the conversations about our work and letting folk know about our new premises

One of the main items on the agenda of the AGM was the acceptance of a new membership category: Associate. The motion passed; Associate members are required to have between 50-70% of their stock be Fair Trade or fairly traded, whereas Members must guarantee a minimum of 70%. Hadeel consistently reports 95%, the remainder being books, CDs and some cards.

Another vote which passed requires importing members to provide up to 3 benefits annually to BAFTS shops exclusively.

The current committee has managed to reverse the negative trend of BAFTS overspending annually. Less is now being spent on admin, more on communication especially about membership and marketing. Electronic communication will be used more effectively and the website will be improved. More regional meetings for members will be encouraged and partially funded.

It was good to attend the AGM and participate in workshops, renewing old acquaintances in the UK BAFTS network, and meet newer members. One shop member has already visited Hadeel and taken quite a large “cash and carry” order back South to their shop.

Hadeel AGM Speakers Announced

This years AGM will take place on Tuesday 25th June and all are welcome to come along and join us. We feel very privileged to have the Very Reverend Dr. Andrew McLellan, convenor of the World Mission Council for the Church of Scotland as one of our guest speakers. And also very excited to have Judith English as our guest to present an illustrated talk about the work on The Palestine History Tapestry. Copies of the new Gaza Kitchen cookbook will be available for inspection, sale and ordering.


The Shands Visit Hadeel


On the 29th of April we were privileged to receive a visit from George and Margaret Shand during their furlough from Jerusalem. George and Margaret talked to us about their first hand experience of life in Jerusalem and the West Bank and were able to bring us news from some of our producers that they have visited recently. They also answered the many questions we had to ask, and a good evening was had by all.

Fair Trade Comes To George Street!

After 10 years of successful trading in Shandwick place we have moved to 123 George Street, Edinburgh. The official opening and cutting of the ribbon was done by Humza Yousaf, MSP, the Minister for External Affairs and International Development. The evening was introduced brilliantly by Alistair McGregor, then Humza talked about his commitment to Fair Trade:

Hadeel is helping to provide a sustainable future income for many Palestinians and their families by ensuring that the profit from the sale of their goods goes back into the community. 

That chimes with the Scottish Government’s own vision of Scotland as a good global citizen, committed to playing its part in addressing poverty.

Our commitment to that was made clear with the recent news that Scotland has become one of the world’s first Fair Trade Nations.'

Also speaking was Dr. Runa MacKay, who over a span of 40 years worked as a medical doctor serving Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon, and the Hadeel song was beautifully read by Nada Shawa.

Hadeel's founder and Director Carol Morton read and introduced greetings from Hadeel’s producer partners – a deaf school in Gaza, a church centre embroidery project in Ramallah, and an Arab/Jewish women’s Fair Trade organisation in the Galilee, who say Hadeel’s relationship with them embodies “the true meaning of fair trade – trade that advances solidarity and social change.”

A great evening was had by all, with Fair Trade wine flowing, lots of great chat, and incredibly tasty Palestinian food hand made by Hadeel volunteer Maha Campbell,  and we are looking forward to Hadeel's future in George Street.



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