Why should I buy from Hadeel?

Hadeel is a Fair Trade shop which aims to provide a sustainable source of income for craftspeople working with social enterprises in the West Bank, Gaza, as well as one in the Galilee and another in the Negev. Our work also helps to sustain infrastructures, as many of the producer groups also provide health, education and emergency services in their communities which lack any form of local government which might do this.

Hadeel is owned by the Scottish charity Palcrafts. Any surplus we make on sale of goods is gift aided to Palcrafts which distributes small development grants to our producers. In the past we have provided items such as a digital camera, a computer, a printer, storage equipment, a laminating machine, English and computer literacy courses, an industrial sewing machine and 2 electric carding machines. We also organize educational tours to our producer groups and disseminate product information to customers and other interested people.