Barry and Ann: Hadeel Local Reps

It’s not what we have done for Hadeel, but what Hadeel has done for us.

     Becoming an Area Representative came about almost by accident and neither Barry nor myself really envisaged being able to do the job justice. We were left with quite a bit of stock from a sale we had and an Area Representative in York gifted us a wonderful amount of lovely items which she
had not yet had time to sell when she moved back to Scotland. When then felt that we couldn’t ‘do nothing’.

     We used our Traidcraft stall network (churches etc.) and thought that would probably be it. However, we have developed new networks for our Palestinian goods. We are members of our local Sabeel/Kairos group and twice a year we have evenings with stalls and we take our goods to be sold alongside ceramics and Zaytoun products. We were existing members but having the stall made it very much easier to talk to people about our experience and listen to theirs.

     It is possible that we may not have made the time or the effort to attend the annual Leeds Palestinian Festival, but because we have our good to sell we always look out for the emails advertising the Film Festival and inviting us to attend. Again, this is a new network of friends that has developed because of Hadeel. And we would definitely not have attended the women’s football match between a Republican International team and the Diyar women’s football team from Bethlehem. It was cold but that didn’t matter as we met friends from other networks and new folks more interested in football than we are.

      We thought it was only about supporting Hadeel who were supporting Palestinian crafts people through buying the wonderful, beautiful goods that they make. How wrong can you be!! It has also made a terrific difference in our lives not only through the stories of the people in Palestine, but also how we have been enabled to meet so many more people and hear their stories too. We are just repacking our bags to take our lovely stock to Scarborough to the URC’s Yorkshire Assembly – we do get around.

Thank you Hadeel.