Guests from Zaytoun


            We were delighted to meet Zaytoun Palestinian Director, Taysir Arbasi, and the Fair Trade Olive farmer, Khader Khader, on their Fair Trade tour of Britain earlier in the spring.

             Words and photos can never quite convey the richness of a direct experience, especially on where as Khader said we can “feel the connectedness of the circle” of growing the olives, harvesting and producing the oil then shipping and final use of the delicious oil. He said it made him feel like part of a bigger family which was really moving for us.

            There was a wonderful meal in Glasgow hosted by Green City at the Civic House with Palestinian catering. In that warm and friendly atmosphere, Khader and Taysir spoke about the many difficulties they must overcome on a daily basis.

            Later in the week they spoke to a welcoming and sympathetic audience at Hadeel. Here are the words of Taysir about their experience in Scotland.

            “Scotland tour was fantastic in general, we have felt very welcomed all the way through Scotland, always was very great and supportive people. The visit to  Edinburgh has been great too, as we have had the chance to enjoy the Palestinian food during the event at Hadeel shop, we have had a great chance to talk to the people about the Palestinian produce, in addition to a well done Trees for Life donation session, where it was meaningful to have this happening with the presence of Khader! The talk we have had in the Scottish Parliament was great, especially to connect with the Scot Fair Trade forum, and it is an added value to work together.”