Making Grants to our Producer Groups

In September 2017, we organised a fund-raising concert, with performances by Ayman Jarjour, the celebrated Syrian classical guitarist, and the accomplished  Choir of St Andrews and St Georges West. Over 200 people attended and (after expenses) about £3000 was raised. This enabled us to make a number of small grants to some of Hadeel’s producer groups, as follows.

Surif Women’s Cooperative, near Hebron, for embroidery materials. Surif is one of our most isolated groups, has no email and faces high costs for materials and transport. The women produce highly intricate traditional embroidery, from bibs to clerical stoles, but marketing their goods is extremely difficult.

Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Workshop, Ramallah, for materials to make purses, bags, hangings and cushion covers. This enables the workshop to continue providing vital work to support 250 part-time workers and their families.

Sindyanna, Galilee: The grant was a small contribution towards the costs of a catering course for 15 Palestinian women. This training will help the students find jobs and thus relieve poverty, with some women guaranteed work in Sindyanna’s visitor centre on completing the course.

Haneen Project, Nablus, for materials to enable development of new product lines. This will directly benefit 15 women from low income families in Balata Refugee Camp who earn a living by sewing. Hadeel’s sister shop in Jerusalem, Sunbula, is supporting Haneen in this work.

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Gaza City, for ear mould materials and hearing aid batteries for the children. One hundred young people will benefit, the  majority being from families living well below the poverty line. Properly functioning hearing aids are a vital support in the children’s education.


In several cases, we supplemented the grants awarded by also placing new orders for goods.