News from Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Workshop, Ramallah

     News from Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Workshop in Ramallah

     We recently received some interviews organised by the Melkite Palestinian Embroidery Workshop in Ramallah.  They produce many of Hadeel’s most popular purses, bags and cushions.

     This group used to be able to provide work for 400 local women to help support their families. Sadly, they are now only able to provide work for 270 women. Lack of free movement and constant difficulties with access to markets is a huge drawback to them being able to support more women like the people they describe here:

Ma’zouzeh from Al Tireh Village is 68 years old. She has been working at the embroidery workshop for 18 years. Ma’zouzeh is really grateful for the embroidery centre, which offered her the chance to help her husband in bringing up their seven children. Recently she also has been helping in bringing up her five grand-children who’s mother is accused of stabbing an Israeli soldier which of course is not true, and is now imprisoned in Israeli prisons. Ma’zouzeh says that she is very pleased with this work and cannot see herself without it. She also remembers with pride one of her grand-daughters winning a prize in the centre’s embroidery competition a few years ago.

Suad, a widow from Ramallah, has 2 daughters and 2 boys. Suad and one of her daughters work for the embroidery workshop. They expressed satisfaction with their work and with the good working relationships at the centre.

Awatef, from Ramallah, is around 60 years old she enioys embroidery and has been working at the centre for 30 years. Her income helps her family to meet the high cost of living.

Siham, from the village of Deir Ibzee’, has been working with the embroidery workshop for 30 years. She is 54 years old, she is happy with this work and her aim is to buy medication for her sick mother.

Shadia from Ein Areek  village ,she is 55 years old and she has been in a wheel-chair for a long time. She likes this kind of work and is happy to keep herself busy  while at the same time supporting herself. Her sister Falastine  is also among the ladies who work for us at the centre, and she is the one who brings the work for her sister Shadia.

Shireen from Deir Ibzi’ she is 30 years old she has been working for the shop since 10 years ,she has 4 children the youngest is sick and she takes her to the hospital  3 times  a week  . Shireen is happy that she helps with the household and the transfer and in the medication of her daughter. At night when she is done with the house chores she starts with the embroidery work, she is very patient  and of course her work helps because the salary of her husband alone does not meet with the requirement of the daily life. It is notable that the mother of Shireen is a regular worker at our workshop  and she is the one who encouraged her daughter to do the same .