What is this a Photograph of?

What is this a photograph of?

People use this item for different purposes. It is designed as a glasses case and was made over 16 years ago by the Melkite group in Ramallah and I bought it as a beginner volunteer at Hadeel when we opened in 2003.

It means a lot to me and I use it every day as a carrying case for my Wakesa.

This was given to me when I formally became a Buddhist and took the Precepts, which are a bit like the Commandments but understood as being from the deepest wish of our own heart. To cease from evil and do only good. Also to remember that we are part of a bigger tapestry than we can know.

Every morning I use it to remind me of this wish as I start the day.

If I am travelling anywhere it goes with me.

When events are happening that are difficult to understand or more needless suffering is happening in Palestine or any of the other troubled places in our world, I do my best to bring my mind back to that sincere wish and to remember that however dark things seem, they will change.

This case has gone with me  to visit the groups  in Palestine, to visit my parents as they were ageing and becoming more dependent on others, to family holidays, though all the changes ,joys and sorrows of the last 17 years.

Over the years the top side colours have become softer and gentler while the side usually face down has kept that vividness of its original nature. That seems to point to something about the way we ourselves age and hopefully soften in our dealings with inner and outer circumstances.

I treasure this case and all that it means to me .

-Kathleen Campbell