Fair Trade

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a workers cooperative dedicated to the promotion of Fair Trade and organic production methods. It produces a range of tasty products, several of which are available at Hadeel.

The Fair Trade Foundation

The FTF is a UK charity that campaigns for Fair Trade, particularly by promoting and licensing the Fair Trade mark, a guarantee that products retailed in the UK have been produced in accordance with internationally agreed Fair Trade standards.

One World Shop

The One World Shop is based in Scotland, with shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has been sourcing and selling fairly traded products from around the world since 1983.


The Scottish Fair Trade Forum works to promote the cause of Fair Trade in Scotland, and their hard work has obviously been paying off as Scotland achieved Fair Trade Nation Status earlier this year.


Sunbula has two shops in Jerusalem: one at St. Andrew’s Church in West Jerusalem, and a ‘House of Palestinian Crafts’ on Nablus Road in East Jerusalem. It is a registered charity in Israel and is also registered with the Palestinian Authority. Its aims are very similar to our own.


Traidcraft works to fight poverty through trade, and combines a trading company and a development charity.


The World Fair Trade Organisation is the global representative body of over 450 members committed to Fair Trade and operates in 75 countries across five regions.


Zaytoun is a community interest company focused on finding a market place for Palestinian produce in the UK.


Palestinian History Tapestry

PHT is a UK based charity established to support Palestinian embroiderers and to produce a history tapestry that will tell the story of the villages and towns and the life and heritage of the indigenous people of Palestine.

Scottish Palestinian Forum

The SPF is an organisation that brings people and organisations together to promote and understand Palestinian culture and issues. Some of its members are the Scottish Friends of Palestine, Medical Aid For Palestinians, Friends of Sabeel UK, Christian Aid and Palcrafts/Hadeel.

Campaigning and NGOs

Christian Aid

Church of Scotland World Mission Council

MADE in Europe





Social Enterprise in Edinburgh