Resources at Hadeel

We keep a small resource centre at Hadeel that is open to everyone. Books can be taken out for up to 2 weeks and DVDs for one week – we require your contact details and a £5 deposit which we’ll return when the item comes back in – please come in for a browse.

Staff and volunteers will be on hand if you would like any advice on what books are best for you, and we also have a reading corner if you would like to sit and browse the books.

Below is a list of the items we currently have for loan:


Al-Samih, Abed Abu Omar: Traditional Palestinian Embroidery and Jewellery (2005)

Award, Alex: Through the Eyes of the Victims. The Story of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (2001)

Ateek, Naim and Prior, Michael, eds. : Holy Land –Hollow Jubilee – God, Justice and the Palestinians (1999)

Calder, Jean E: Where the Road Leads- An Australian Woman’s Journey of Love and Determination (2007)

Chacour, Elias with Hazard, David: Blood Brothers. The Unforgettable Journey of a Palestinian Christian working for peace in Israel (2003)

Ed Cobham, David and Kanafani, Na’man: The Economics of Palestine- Economic Policy and International Reform for a Viable Palestinian State (2004)

Habiby, Emile: The Secret Life of Saeed – The ill fated pessoptimist (Arabic 1974, English 1985, this edition 1989)

Farah, Najwa K.: Rose Stones of Jerusalem. A book of stories and poems (2002)

Farah, Rafiq A: In Troubled Waters- A history of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem 1841-1998 (2002)

Fisk, Robert: The Great War of Civilisation- The Conquest of the Middle East (2005)

Fisk, Robert: The Age of the Warrior- selected writings (2008)

Harper, Jeff: An Israeli in Palestine- Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel (2008)

Hewitt, Garth: Pilgrims and Peace Workers: A Journey towards Jerusalem (First published 1995, this edition 1996)

Humphries, Hugh in collaboration with Campbell, Ross: Countdown to Catastrophe-Palestine 1948 a daily chronology (2000)

Humphries, Hugh, ed. : Palestine and the Legacy of Balfour (2006)

Karmi, Ghada: In Search of Fatima- a Palestinian Story (2002)

Kichka, Michael: Cartoons in Conflict- Israeli Cartoon Museum and the Parents Circle -Families Forum

Laird, Elizabeth: A Little piece of Ground- a children’s novel set in Ramallah (2003)

Mackay, Dr. Runa: A Personal Journey with the Palestinians (1995)

Morley, Janet: Companions of God- Praying for Peace in the Holy Land (Christian Aid 1994)

Muhawi, Ibrahim and Kanaana, Sharif: Speak Bird, Speak Again- Palestinian Arab Folktales (1989)

Pretzuk, Nick: Three Weeks in June (2004)

Prior, Michael C M, Ed. : They Came and They Saw- Western Christian Experiences of the Holy Land (2000)

Sacco, Joe: Footnotes in Gaza (2009)

Sacco, Joe: Palestine (2001) Shahid, Shelagh and Serene: Palestinian Embroidery (British museum 1988)

Wagner, Donald E: Dying in the Land of Promise: Palestine and Palestinian Christianity from Pentecost to 2000 (2001, revised 2003)

White, Ben: Israeli Apartheid- a beginner’s guide (2009)

Zaru, Jean: Occupied with Non violence- A Palestinian Woman Speaks (1992)

Churches to Visit in Scotland (2003)

La Citta Del Sole: Do- it- Yourself Apartheid in Palestine: Israel, the World Bank and “Sustainable Development “of the Palestinian Ghettos (2005)

Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Palestine- A Case for Justice (2010)


Arna’s Children, dir. Juliano Mer Khamis (2004)

Bethlehem Hidden from View, dir. Garth Hewitt (2008)

Checkpoint 2003, dir Yoav Shamir (2003)

Crossing the River Jordan, FAR Films (2008)

Divine Intervention, dir. Elia Sulieman (2002)

Jerusalem East Side Story, dir. Mohammed Alatar (2008)

Paradise Now, dir. Harry Abu-Assad Prime Pictures (2005)

So that History Does Not Repeat Itself, dir. Al Issawi

The Promise, dir. Peter Kosminsky (2011)

The Source, dir. Radu Mihaileanu (2011)

The Syrian Bride, dir. Eran Riklis (2004)