Gaza Kufiya

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Gaza Kufiya (Keffiyeh)

47″x47″ 100% cotton


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The Gaza Kufiya made by Hirbawi of Palestine. Gaza is portrayed in the media as a place of violence, destruction and poverty. For the Palestinians, however, Gaza is known as the colorful city for its nice beaches, spicy food, fisher boats and the hospitality of its people. The bright sunny colours of this kufiya are a tribute to “Gazza Ard el-Izza” (the glorious city),  in Arabic.

Hirbawi is the last kufiya (or keffiyeh) factory in Palestine.  Today they struggle to compete with cheap imported Kufiya from China, though the quality of the original, handmade in Palestine kufiyas is far superior. By trading the Hirbawi Kufiyas, our aim is to reverse the current trend and revive the local traditional production of the Palestinian scarves.

Every purchase from Hadeel supports Palestinian handcrafters and artisans.

47″ square
100% cotton

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