Home Away From Home: Voices from the Palestinian Diaspora

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Network of Photographers for Palestine

Delving into our book, you will be delighted, enraged & inspired! These are rarely heard alternative narratives told by Palestinians themselves paired w/lovely portraits.

The speakers now live in the US, Scotland and Germany. We dare say they represent displaced Palestinians globally. You’ll find an unbreakable attachment to family; a profound appreciation for their new rights/opportunities and a determination to use these rights to change the injustice of the West’s acquiescence to Israel’s occupation, abuses and land theft. Being Palestinian is not about yearning for a lost past, but a very real aspiration to human rights and security in their original homeland.

Spurious accusations of antisemitism are flung. We fail to see how demanding one’s rights is anti-Semitic. Palestinians justly demand Israel stop treating them as the Jewish people have been treated in Europe for centuries. We are urging the West to support their claims to human rights and freedom.

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