Louisa B. Waugh – Meet Me In Gaza

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Foreigners only ever ask about what is broken in Gazans’ lives, an interpreter friend complains to Waugh. “What about us and our dreams?” Meet Me In Gaza is an attempt to answer that question. What is life like for ordinary Gazans? Is there any room for happiness and joy in their lives, or do the lingering horrors of war and the endless power cuts, shortages and travel restrictions of peace take too high a toll on their collective psyche?


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WHEN it comes to putting herself in harm’s way, Louisa Waugh has form. For her first book, the Ondaatje Prize-winning Hearing Birds Fly, she swapped doucest Portobello for a year in a remote Mongolian village. She followed that with a book about human trafficking, that nastiest of all businesses, and is now back with a book about life in Gaza, that small strip of land south of Israel that is routinely described by visiting journalists as “the world’s largest open-air prison”.


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