Olive Wood Cross 65cm

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Beautifully marked plain (with chamfered edges) olive wood cross from Jerusalem made by Gloria Enterprise, Beit Sahour, which coordinates the sales of olive wood and mother of pearl for workers in about 300 small workshops. 

All of the Bethlehem area is isolated by the Separation Wall; Har Homa settlement (Jebel Abu Ghaneim) is ‘a stone’s throw’ away. Gloria’s shop showcases work of artisans and encourages cooperation, maintaining the highest quality. Many artisans are in serious debt; although they receive what is considered locally a fair price for their work, like other Palestinian artisans, they have no health insurance or pensions.  

The olive wood products are carved from wood that must be dried for a year before using. Traditionally the wood came from the trees’ prunings, ensuring environmental sustainability.  Hadeel commissions new designs and is one of the few customers who pay for orders right away, enabling this group’s work to continue. We also support “Keep Hope Alive”, an olive tree planting project co-ordinated in the area by the YMCA

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