Seventeen Embroidery Techniques from Palestine: An Instruction Manual

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Published in 2019 by Sunbula in Jerusalem, this is the first Palestinian Embroidery manual of its kind. It features a history of Palestinian embroidery, various techniques, illustrations and translations in both Arabic & English.

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Preface by Shirabe Yamada, Sunbula Executive Director

“… This instruction manual focuses on stitching techniques that are less well-known than cross-stitch yet equally important, such as the joining stitches and couching embroidery. It is the first instruction manual to provide a list of these stitches, along with step-by-step illustrated instruction for easy learning. The book aims to stir interest in embroiderers, young designers, and artists today, and to encourage adaptation of these beautiful stitches in enhancing creative work.

Sunbula is thrilled and honored to undertake this venture. As a fair trade organization supporting women’s handicraft groups, we are a daily witness to the need to reinvigorate the diminishing aspects of this heritage. We believe in the immense possibilities for enriching modern-day Palestinian crafts once these stitches become popular again. “

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