Taste and See

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Edited by Levette Callander, Taste and See is a collection of life-impacting journeys, accompanied by recipes, quotes and photos.

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Taste and See is a book about Journeys. ALL money from book sales will go to several of Embrace’s partners in Beirut. One of these is MERATH (Middle East Revive and Thrive) who are working on vocational training programmes with refugees (many of them women) and many who lost their jobs due to the explosion at the Port of Beirut; supporting health and education services; distributing 27,000 hygiene packs, facilitating work with needy families in two refugee camps, and giving practical help to those in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a recent update, MERATH says that many families are unable to buy basic food items, due to the escalating economic crisis. Where, in 2019, 1 Lebanese pound could buy fruit, vegetables, milk and bread, today 1 pound buys 1 litre of milk. Some 1.2 million children have had their education disrupted due to Covid-related school closures.

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