Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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Bottled in Palestine

Peppery Palestinian Olive Oil teamed with zesty Za’atar – a taste tradition that every Palestinian would recognise and an iconic memory Zaytoun customer we’ve ever taken out to Palestine. Two bold flavours that work so well on their own yet even better as a team. Take a hunk of fresh crusty bread, dip in olive oil and then into a bowl of Za’atar or mix 3 tbsp olive oil to 1 tbsp Za’atar and hey presto…”Zayt wa Za’atar” – a quick and simple snack, a surprise party food, an exciting new flavour to tantalise your tastebuds. 

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Produced from rain-fed and hand-picked olives that have been pressed on the day of picking, this award-winning extra virgin oil connects you with farmers whose ancestors have tended their trees by hand for countless generations.

Naturally organic and ethically sourced from small-scale farmers in the West bank, this is the world’s first olive oil to be awarded Fairtrade certification in 2009.

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