Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children

Atfaluna, Gaza StripAtfaluna Society for Deaf Children, Gaza is a registered Palestinian NGO located in Gaza City, has been working in the field of persons with hearing disabilities education and allied services since 1992. Literally thousands of deaf children and adults and their families are served annually at Atfaluna through persons with hearing disabilities education, audiology, speech therapy, income generating programs for the deaf, vocational training, parents’, teachers’ and community training and awareness programs, and a host of other services and programs.

The organisation currently employs 134 permanent staff members of which 55% are deaf. Atfaluna’s services focus on serving persons with hearing disabilities in particular and the community in general. This focus comes in light of the inclusive development approach Atfaluna adopts to create an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities within an all-inclusive environment free of limitations.

Respect of human rights is a key component throughout the organisation. Atfaluna adopts the Convention of International Human Rights and International Laws as well as Palestinian laws in this regard. Due to this Atfaluna has developed several policies which guarantee equal rights for everyone and has worked on adopting it and publicizing it to organisations working in the field. It has also developed practical procedures to guarantee accomplishment and a comprehensive complaint system; among these policies are:

–           Child protection policy

–           Neutrality and non-discrimination policy

–           Conflict of interest policy

–           Anti-corruption policy

Atfaluna considers itself a learning organisation, it believes in the principle of change, it continuously works to modify its techniques and train its staff to keep up with changes and trends within the charity sector, administrative, financial, social, psychosocial, educational and vocational in line with world visions and keeping with the Palestinian setting.

The family environment at Atfaluna and close social bonds and high dedication and commitment which ties the Atfaluna staff together makes Atfaluna stand out as an exceptional model for the work of NGOs who continue to serve their communities regardless of difficulties and challenges.

Our grants to Atfaluna include: 2009 for some repair work after the bombing during “Operation Cast Lead” when almost all windows and frames were destroyed; 2014 contributing £2000 to a programme which enabled some of the artisans to obtain glasses much needed  especially when working on black material; and in 2016, $3000 for materials for home workers.

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