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Olive wood display at Gloria Enterprises

The traces of Gloria Investments’ journey are rooted in the early 1970’s, when Issa J Musleh, alongside his father, worked day and night to improve his skills in carving small pieces of olive wood and exceled in the olive wood industry.

Many years thereafter, and with the mission to establish fair trade opportunities for all, Issa J Musleh decided to expand his work and founded Gloria Investments, providing the biggest wholesale and retail services within the industry.

Since 2008, Gloria Investments has been working and cooperating with approximately 65 olive wood workshops.  These workshops belong majorly to Christian families in Bethlehem, Palestine- located east of Jerusalem. Stemming out of our aim to develop and strengthen the olive wood industry, and based on our morals and standards in supporting the local Christian community, Gloria Investments has expanded these workshops’ opportunities and increased fair trade initiatives by importing accessories for them at a fair price.

We at Gloria Investments strive to provide top services, fair trade, elite and customized products to clients all over the globe. With physical presence in North America and the Middle East (Holy Land), our customer service department works tirelessly to guarantee such quality services.

Located just a few meters away from the Shepherds’ Field in the heart of Beit Sahour, Palestine; the headquarters of Gloria Investments offers not only top quality services & products, but also a fantastic location to visit with breathtaking views to wonder. If you are shopping for (seasonal) hand-made authentic gifts, or looking for new business opportunities, Gloria Investments is your address. Either by visiting our location or browsing our website, we are happy to make your acquaintance and we welcome you to our business.

When trade becomes fair we have accomplished our goal!

All of the Bethlehem area is isolated by the Separation Wall and nearly surrounded by settlements.  Gloria’s shop showcases work of artisans and encourages cooperation, maintaining the highest quality. Many artisans are in serious debt; although they receive what is considered locally a fair price for their work, like other Palestinian artisans, they have no health insurance or pensions.

The olive wood products are carved from wood that must be dried for at least a year before using.  Traditionally the wood comes from the pruning the trees, ensuring environmental sustainability.  Hadeel commissions new designs and is one of the few customers who pay for orders right away, enabling this group’s work to continue.

We also support “Keep Hope Alive”, an olive tree planting project coordinated in the area by the YMCA.

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